Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What a Great Camping Trip!

The Lord blessed our church family this past weekend at Hickory Run State Park. What a terrific time it was, spending time together, learning from God's Word, enjoying nature, hiking Boulder Field, sitting by the campfire making s'mores, playing Capture the Flag, swimming, and even jumping off of a waterfall into icy waters.

In all, there were 48 of us who "roughed it". The campsites were nicely shaded and in a fairly proximate location to one another. Walking around the loop once, led to so many fun visiting opportunities with other CBC friends. The kids especially enjoyed the freedom of visiting on bikes and on foot. Each night we gathered around a campfire together.

On Saturday, 20 more from our church family joined us, as we shared a hike, picnic, and a sesson led by Pastor Chris.

"Growing Closer as Families Through Life's Challenges" was the weekend's theme. Keith talked with us about the conflicts that man faces within himself, Pastor Chris discussed the challenges that man faces with others, and Pastor Lee concluded with a challenge related to the challenges man faces that come from his environment. Biblical examples were explored at each session, and we were inspired to trust the Lord and remain in obedience to Him through our many trials.

Thank you to the Esbins for planning this wonderful event!

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