Friday, October 30, 2009

Movie Night FAQ

1.Why are we being asked to bring along our own seating?
The usual folding chairs will be available for use in the gym, but we thought that you might appreciate the option of bringing along something a little more comfortable. We suggest your favorite lawn chairs, bean-bag chairs, or even a blanket for the little guys.

2.What is the schedule for the evening?
We will begin with a 15-minute time of elder-led instruction (Robert Lowrie). At 7:30 we will begin the "Time Changer" movie. It will end around 9:20 P.M. A very brief discussion time will follow the movie. Our event should end by 9:30 P.M.

3. Is the church seeking to make a profit on the sale of the DVD's?
No. We will not benefit financially from the sale of the DVD's.

FYI: Although there is no cost to those of us who are attending the movie, as a church we did have to pay a fee to the producer for permission to show the film publically. However, by offering the DVD's for sale, the producer is allowing us to show the movie for half of the usual charge... even if we don't sell any.

4. What is included in the 4-Film Bundle?
If you purchase the film, "Time Changer", you recieve 3 other Rich Christiano films free. They are, "End of the Harvest", "The Appointment", and "Second Glance".

DeLorme Family Review: Like "Time Changer", these films are also biblically sound and family friendly. However, they were created in the late 80's and early 90's and do reflect the styles, music, and technology of that time. This is a bit distracting, in our opinion.

We preferred, "Unidentified" which followed "Time Changer". It is NOT included in the 4-Film Bundle but is available for order ($10). It is like "Time Changer" in quality and is excellently produced.

5. FYI: Rich Christiano has a movie that is currently out in theaters..."The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry". We have not seen it, but others who have seen it have told us that it is also excellent!

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