Friday, April 3, 2009

Post a Comment!

We would like to walk you through the process of commenting so that we can hear your input, questions and comments that you wish to post to the blog. Here is how you post a comment:

1. Click on the word, "comments". The number before this word reflects the number of people who have also added a comment before you.

2. You will see a box below the phrase, "post a comment". Write your comment in that box.

3. Below, you will see the words, "Comment as". Next to the words, "Select profile", you must click on the little arrow to see your options. Choose the one that says, "Name/URL".

4. Type your name in the top box. You can leave the URL box empty.

5. Click on the "continue" tab.

6. If you are happy with your comment, click on the "Post Comment" tab. That's it! Your comment will be posted to the blog. :)

Happy posting!

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